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By: Paulo Vida | Asked: 06/11/2024
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Paulo Vida asked 1 month ago
I\'m creating a quiz, but I\'m facing several problems when styling the form... I put some images as options instead of text in the answers, but I would like to resize the images... Could anyone give me a detailed tip on How can I do this?
1 Answers
Michael ClarkMichael Clark answered 1 month ago
Hi, Paulo. Here's a quick thought: use the browser's dev tools to inspect the field, and then use custom css in the formidable global settings > custom styles to set the size for that element? When viewing the form (as someone filling it out, not as you building it), right-click on the image field, copy the css id of the field, go into the formidable global css editor, make a new line, paste the id of the image field, and add your css there. If you need help on the css, you could use an really simple AI prompt to give you the complete code. Hope this helps.

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