Add a event in a calendar (Google, Appel, Microsoft ?)

By: Samuel Gendron Mallet | Asked: 04/25/2023
ForumsCategory: How-toAdd a event in a calendar (Google, Appel, Microsoft ?)
Samuel Gendron Mallet asked 12 months ago

Hello, I would like to know, it is possible with Formidable Forms to add a bouton, Add event to your calendar, after someone complete a form for a event ? Here a screenshot from a email i receive when i'm using Eventbrite.



Thanks in advance,   Samuel

1 Answers
Victor Font answered 12 months ago
This requires custom coding. You can't do this natively in Formidable.
Samuel Gendron Mallet replied 12 months ago

It is something easy (like a html i can put in my email) ?

Victor Font replied 12 months ago

No, it's not easy. It requires advanced developer skills. The last time someone asked this question, I Googled and found a PHP program that could create an ICF file. It was quite awhile ago, but if you Google it, I'm sure you'll find code suitable for your purpose. If you need a developers help, please visit https://formidable-masterminds/developers-directory/.

Samuel Gendron Mallet replied 12 months ago

Thanks for you anwser! 🙂

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