Add images to dropdown select?

By: Ciara Polachuk | Asked: 09/01/2023
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Ciara Polachuk asked 8 months ago
Does anyone know if there a way to add images to a dropdown select? I know we can use images with radio buttons, but we want to add 100+ options in a select box, so radio buttons won't work here. Would also be ideal if there is a way to search in the select (since we'll have so many options). Thanks for any insight or direction!
1 Answers
Victor Font answered 8 months ago
Not exactly.  You can set a select to autocomplete to enable searching. Images are a different story because of a select element’s architecture.  I would show an image next to the select and change it each time a new option is chosen. You can see an example of how this works if you visit this page and select a different country:
Gregory TulipaniGregory Tulipani replied 6 months ago

How do i do this? This is exactly what i need for my website and i cant figure it out. Any help on how to set this up would be greatly appreciated

Victor Font replied 6 months ago

The example I gave you above is done with AJAX and a custom PHP callback. It's custom development.

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