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By: Mikhail Koulikov | Asked: 03/28/2024
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Mikhail KoulikovMikhail Koulikov asked 4 weeks ago
Hello, all, I am using Formidable Forms to manage a publications database with two main components - list of books, articles, etc., and profiles of authors. Is there a way to use Formidable Forms to connect the two
  • in the view for the publications list, every author entry connects to the profile page for the author.
  • Detail view for each author searches and displays all entries in the publications view with that author as a field.
Any thoughts on how I can accomplish this will be appreciated! Thank you.
Abby BuzonAbby Buzon replied 3 weeks ago

Can you elaborate on "to manage a publications database"? Is it literally a database? Or is it a Custom Post Type? I would assume these would be set up as a CPT for Publications and a Taxonomy for Authors...

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