Adding a form via shortcode in my theme breaking page layout

By: Naomi Spirit | Asked: 11/29/2023
ForumsCategory: How-toAdding a form via shortcode in my theme breaking page layout
Naomi SpiritNaomi Spirit asked 5 months ago
$str .= do_shortcode("[formidable id=".tw_get_signupformID()." minimize='1']"); echo $str; Adding a form within a column of my website and it's breaking the page layout, it's not immediately obvious as to why. Layout only broken with that shorcode written out. Styles are turned off form. The form width is smaller than the available space.
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Victor Font answered 5 months ago
You're adding a form in a PHP snippet incorrectly. The details for publishing a form through PHP is in this KnowledgeBase article:
Victor Font replied 5 months ago

Many Formidable shortcodes have PHP equivalents when writing custom code. Make sure you check the KnowledgeBase for the developer alternatives.

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