Adding a list of zip codes within my service area to contact form

By: Ryan Nickals | Asked: 10/15/2023
ForumsCategory: How-toAdding a list of zip codes within my service area to contact form
Ryan Nickals asked 6 months ago
Hi all,
I'm pretty sure this is something that can be accomplished within Formidable but want to make sure I'm doing it right. I have a contact/inquiry page for my roofing company; we service a 25 mile radius and I have a list of zip codes within our service area. We get a lot of people filling out the form that fall out of our service area, and I'd like to reduce that so my sales team isn't wasting time. The form currently collects their basic contact info, including address. For the zip code, I'd like to have it so the visitor enters their zip code and if it's within our service area, they proceed as normal. If their zip code is not in our area (one of the zip codes on our list), they get a message below that says "Sorry, it appears that you're not in our service area" and prevents them from hitting the submit button.

Any ideas on how to best implement? Thank you!

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