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By: Andreu de Haro | Asked: 06/10/2024
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Andreu de Haro asked 1 month ago
Hello, I have a website and I want to show a view with an specific filter in a page build with custom post type and ACF. I want to define a filter in ACF. And then, the view shows the info with the filter. Do you know how can I do?  
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Victor Font answered 1 month ago
Let me see if I understand your question. You want to define a filter within ACF and then use that ACF filter to filter a Formidable View? If that's correct, it's never going to happen. Why would you use ACF to do what Formidable already does well?
Andreu de Haro answered 1 month ago
Hello! I explain you. 

I have a form only for admins. In this form the admin select some people to a photograph exhibition. But they select by every exhibition in the same form. I’ve created a view with all people selected and I want to show in a post of every exhibition.  my first idea was to select in a simple way for editors to match exhibition with this view. 

I don’t know if this workflow is correct or not. 

Victor Font replied 1 month ago

I don't understand your process. Do you have a BRD you can share?

Michael ClarkMichael Clark answered 1 month ago
Hi Andreu, Maybe define your filters in the Formidable view, not ACF. If you need to have more than one view to make what you want, views can pass parameters to other views, so that could help if you need to nest a view inside another view. Also, you may need to change your form so there are admin-only fields so that admins can assign photographers to exhibitions. Hope this helps.
Andreu de Haro replied 1 month ago

Thank you Michael. Maybe is the best option. I wanted to do all in the same place, but for sure is a good point.

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