Are submitted fields editable in views?

By: Brent Thomas | Asked: 06/08/2023
ForumsCategory: How-toAre submitted fields editable in views?
Brent ThomasBrent Thomas asked 10 months ago
I need the user and admin to be able to edit their submitted entries in their profile page view and maybe also add photos (admin capable of editing all user profiles, user edit only theirs). I am almost ready to buy Formidable Pro but this is very important.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME!
Victor Font replied 10 months ago

You can edit fields in a view with Edit and delete in-place. This requires you to customize code. The instructions are in this Formidable KnowledgeBase article:

I understand your requirement. It's actually a common requirement. Securing by role is no issue for Formidable. Your forms and data can be secured by WordPress roles:

Editing fields in a view wouldn't be my first choice in designing a solution to satisfy your requirement, though. The reason why is because edit in place in a view works differently than front-end editing in a form. Edit-in-place bypasses a few things that editing through a form executes, i.e. triggers. Editing in a view is not meant to replace front-end editing with a form, which is what your data entry requirement suggests.

If you want to take it a step further, since block editing is the WordPress future, my approach would be to let Formidable create a CPT for a custom hybrid display. You display your Formidable data through a CPT custom page template using a combination of your theme's building blocks with your Formidable profile form and its view. View is all read only, and a form is used to edit your selected fields. Requirement met.

If you're using this profile form for user registration, you'll need the User Registration add-on. With User Registration, you can read and write values directly to the WordPress user table.

If you ever need to print the user profiles as PDFs, the form to pdfs add-on is available:

If you're a developer, purchasing Formidable will not be a mistake when you learn for yourself how capable a tool it is in the right hands. It is a WordPress application development platform. It even allows you to package your own applications for resale, which any Formidable developer is free to offer through their own Developer Digital Store through my website, Formidable Masterminds:

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Brent ThomasBrent Thomas replied 10 months ago

Thank you. I used your link the other day.

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