associate submissions to a user each time based on ip or other unique id

By: Helen H | Asked: 11/28/2022
ForumsCategory: How-toassociate submissions to a user each time based on ip or other unique id
Helen H asked 1 year ago
I am creating a separate form for Day 1 through Day 10. 10 total forms. Form link will be received daily through email. The information collected is the same for each day, except the redirect URL is different each day.  I don't want the user to have enter his Name each submission. 

Is there a way to track/display the same user for Day 1 through Day 10 without asking for a name or email in each form?  Can I identify user from IP alone (or is that not accurate) or is there something I can hide in the form to identify the same user for all 10 forms? I read documentation on the user id field, but don't understand it still.
Bobby Clapp replied 1 year ago

Does the form require a user be logged in to fill it out? If the user is not required to login, you'll have to get creative.

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Helen H answered 1 year ago
No login required. Just fill out the form daily. How creative are we talking? Open to suggestions.
Luis De PauLuis De Pau answered 1 year ago

If you send a parameter to identify the user each time you could probably track it,. First email link:


3rd email link

And so on. Just generate a unique code for the persons receiving your email.

Could this work?
You would only need one form for this.

Bobby Clapp answered 1 year ago
Luis has a good example here. And if you want it to fill out other info, include that as parameters. You can create a form that will send the emails and have it with a dropdown for users and then use shortcode to create a comma separated list from a checkbox. It's a bit more than that simply put, but it could be done.
Helen H answered 1 year ago
Sending parameters… Can I get how-to documentation for this to understand this better? That way I’ll know if this works for my application. Last resort, I’ll ask for a name each time and sacrifice a little user friction for simplicity. Thanks Bobby and Luis for answers.    
Luis De PauLuis De Pau replied 1 year ago

Here Helen:

You can totally avoid using names with this. Usually I use this kind of codes in hidden fields.

Bobby Clapp replied 1 year ago

To address the original question, IP's change, so that isn't going to help you with capturing names.

Do you have a process now that you use that you are building this from or is this all from scratch? Do you know who these are going to and their names before you send the form links?

Helen H replied 1 year ago

I've read the parameters documentation and understand this better now.

I actually passed fields from one form to another from in another form builder with fields hidden so I know how this works in action. I was using the platform's email to send links that autofill/pass repeated info.

The emails I send are coming from my email platform not Formidable's so I haven't applied this yet. Don't know if I can with my current plan or just that the integration is not worth my time.

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