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By: Isabelle Pryde | Asked: 09/07/2023
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Isabelle Pryde asked 7 months ago
Hi All, Question.. is there a way to automatically import entries into formidable forms?  Thank so much!!!
1 Answers
Victor Font answered 7 months ago
I'm assuming you mean a hands-off approach? Formidable can import CSV and XML entries. If you want to automate it as in a batch type upload, you can, but you'd have to write custom code and use a server cron job to trigger it.
Isabelle Pryde replied 7 months ago

Hi thanks so much! 😊 Yes a hands-off approach eg once a day a bulk lot of entries get imported. Awesome to know it can be done! Is this something you can do? or can it be done via Zapier or similar? As you can tell my knowledge is limited in this field 🤣

Victor Font replied 7 months ago

It is something I can do, but explaining it is hard to encapsulate in a post. If you’d like to discuss, please book an appointment:

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