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By: Craig Schneider | Asked: 10/29/2022
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Craig SchneiderCraig Schneider asked 1 year ago
What is the best practice to enable a user to add a "Customer" to a Form called "Transactions"
  • We do not want any duplicate "Customers"
  • A "Customer" should be able to be added to multiple "Transactions"
  • If a "Customer" is not already in the system (New) we don't want the User to have to leave the "Transactions" form to enter a (New) "Customer"
So basically we want a user to be able to select a customer into a form field if the customer already exist and if they don't we want the user to be able to add a new customer to the "Transaction" form without leaving the "Transaction" form and that new customer will be added to the system for future selection.  
1 Answers
Bobby Clapp answered 1 year ago
You need to decide a field to make unique for whatever form becomes the new customer form. Maybe that is an email address. Transactions might be a repeater field or a field that captures a customer entry ID or entry Key or something else to help filter what transactions belong to which customer. On the transaction page you might have a button that opens a modal to the new customer form. Then again, maybe it makes sense to not allow a customer to the transaction form if they don't have an account. You can limit visibility of the transaction form to logged in users.

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