Bug? Conditional Logic in Nested View (form display)

By: Jack Evangelides | Asked: 07/24/2023
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Jack EvangelidesJack Evangelides asked 9 months ago
Hi All,   I am looking for some help to use conditional logic in multiple views across separate forms.   My current setup:
  • Form 1: User Registration¬†
    • Upon registration confirmation, the user will be "approved" and given a field value of approved from a drop down list.
  • Form 2: Company information (ie, name, website URL, location...)
  I am trying to create a view for Form 2 that uses conditional logical based on parameters from Form 1. For example, I want to show specific content in a view on¬†Form 2 only if the user is "approved" (a field from Form 1) but I am struggling to set this up.   Any help would be much appreciated thank you :)
1 Answers
Rob LeVineRob LeVine answered 9 months ago
I don't fully understand your scenario, however, I'm guessing that you want to embed a view on form 2 inside a view on form 1 and wrap the embedded view in frm-condition so that it only displays when the field in Form 1 is set to Approved.
Jack EvangelidesJack Evangelides replied 9 months ago

Hi Rob, thanks for the repsonse.

The idea was to have a view in form 2, and wrap that view in a frm-condition using a value from form 1.

But I have found a solution now to use visibility for Elementor, and set conditions for user meta as my "status" field is an additional user meta, so I can set conditions with that.

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