Conditional Logic in Views (Across 2 Forms)

By: Jack Evangelides | Asked: 07/24/2023
ForumsCategory: How-toConditional Logic in Views (Across 2 Forms)
Jack EvangelidesJack Evangelides asked 9 months ago

Hi All,   I am looking for some help to use conditional logic in multiple views across separate forms.   My current setup:

  • Form 1: User Registration 
    • Upon registration confirmation, the user will be "approved" and given a field value of approved from a drop down list.
  • Form 2: Company information (ie, name, website URL, location...)

  I am trying to create a view for Form 2 that uses conditional logical based on parameters from Form 1. For example, I want to show specific content in a view on Form 2 only if the user is "approved" (a field from Form 1) but I am struggling to set this up.   Any help would be much appreciated thank you :)

Victor Font replied 9 months ago

What's your process after Form 1 is approved? Are you sending the registrant an email asking them to fill in Form 2? If you are, you can add the parameters to a URL in the email they can click on and pass the parameters to Form 2. In Form 2, you use the get param shortcode for the conditional values. You can also use get param to pre-populate field values in Form 2.

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