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By: Jaycee Jacobs | Asked: 08/29/2023
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Jaycee Jacobs asked 8 months ago

I am wanting to build a widget and was wondering the best way to go about it using the pro version of Formidable. Here are the basics:

  • We are wanting to create a search bar widget that will be embeded on all pages across our website.
  • The search bar will ask users to select their insurance carrier from a drop down and type in their zip code.
  • Upon hitting search, a location (or multiple) in their area will show up. If they selected an insurance carrier that we do not accept, there will be a message directing them to another site.
What would be the best way to go about this? Can I even make something like this with this tool? I can pull together a list of zip codes each facility should show for.
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Victor Font answered 8 months ago
For a widget, you would insert the form using PHP. See this Formidable KnowledgeBase article:
Jaycee Jacobs replied 8 months ago

Thank you! But how would I go about building the rest of the widget? Do you know how to upload multiple zip code conditions?

Victor Font replied 8 months ago

Custom widgets use the WordPress Widget API. See this for instructions about how to build a widget:

As for "multiple zip conditions", what do you mean?

Jaycee Jacobs replied 8 months ago

Making sure a location only shows up for a specific set of zip codes. So for example, we have 1 location in New Jersey. If someone is searching for a location near them with a New York zip code, our New Jersey facility should pop up.

Victor Font replied 8 months ago

You just changed the ball game! You're looking at an integration with Google Places. The Geolocation add-on may get you where you need to go just by displaying your locations on a map. But if really need to calculate radius, that's going be a custom Places API call assuming Google reveals that info in the Places API.

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