calculating months and days from check in and check out date

By: Brian Thornton | Asked: 07/19/2023
ForumsCategory: How-tocalculating months and days from check in and check out date
Brian Thornton asked 9 months ago
I was able to determine the number of dates between two date fields. However, I am trying to formulate a total rent amount that would be based on a fixed monthly rate and adding any pro rated amount (or daily rate) for the odd number of days that follow (if any).   Example: monthly rate = $100.  Daily rate = $3.30 (100 / 30.33)  Check-in date: 1/1/23 Check-out date: 3/10/23 Total = $233  ($100 Jan. +$100 Feb.) + 3.30 X 10 days Mar.   The math does not work out correctly If simply provide a daily rate and multiply by total number of days.   

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