Can you edit ACF CPT posts with FF

By: Steve Atherton | Asked: 11/14/2023
ForumsCategory: How-toCan you edit ACF CPT posts with FF
Steve Atherton asked 5 months ago
There's a big deal made of using Formidable Forms as the front end forms for ACF with the "Formidable ACF" plugin, but all I can see from the documentation is that you can CREATE custom posts but can't see any way to EDIT custom posts using the FF form. Which kind of makes it only half a solutions. I can certainly populate the (default) entries on a form from the ID of a custom posts by writing some custom shortcodes, but even then there doesn't seem to be an option to update a particular post. Pressing the submit button just creates another post. Is this possible, or am I just dreaming? I'm assuming I can do it using hooks and writing the new values myself in PHP (I do store the CPT post ID with the form), but I thought there might be an easier GUI way since not all people who want to use FF with ACF can do this. Thanks for any feedback. Cheers, Steve.
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Victor Font answered 5 months ago
If you create a CPT with the Formidable CPT add—on, the CPT’s ACF form related data can be edited with Formidable. The post_id field in the frm_items table links the CPT to the form entry unless you choose to unlink it. The Formidable ACF add-on is designed to facilitate data transfer between Formidable and the 3rd-party ACF. Formidable is not meant to replace functions native to 3rd-party plugins. As an FYI, I don’t even pass data to CPTs any more. With Formidable as the data engine, I create CPTs but also create custom CPT templates that display Formidable views to present the data.

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