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By: Michael Liotta | Asked: 09/25/2022
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Michael Liotta asked 2 years ago
How can change the the hint on the password reset form? It says the password should be at least 12 characters but I want to change that to say 8 characters.
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Jane OnoratiJane Onorati answered 2 years ago

Hi Micheal, I don't have an answer for you but have the same question.  I set up a password reset form using the shortcode FF provides: [frm-reset-password].  FF allows you to "Require a strong password" for a password field in your registration form which they define as 8 characters, upper case, lower case, number and a symbol.  However, the page generated by the password reset shortcode says something different about the password and it is not clear what the requirements are (it seems to suggest but not require) - see attached screenshot. By experimenting with passwords, I found out the actual requirements are the same as the password field in my registration form is set to!  I asked Formidable Support today about this and they did not say they would fix it!  This was offered as the only possible solution: write a snippet that creates your own password reset page shortcode.  They had none to offer as an example.  Perhaps someone else on this forum has created something like this already?

Michael Liotta answered 2 years ago
That does not seem very helpful at all on their part. How long can it take someone at Formidable to change the wording so that it is the same as the requirements on the registration page. Basically all they really need to do is change the word "twelve" to "eight".
Victor Font answered 2 years ago

What you are asking about has nothing to do with Formidable. Formidable does not control WordPress password settings. The Formidable reset password form calls the wp_get_password_hint() function to display the password hint as defined in WordPress. This function includes a filter where WordPress allows you to change the text of the password hint.

Michael Liotta answered 2 years ago
My apologies. I did not realize this was a call to a WordPress function. Thank you for your explanation. 
Victor Font replied 2 years ago

No need to apologize Michael. Formidable uses a lot of WordPress API calls.

Jane OnoratiJane Onorati answered 2 years ago
Apparently the support person at Formidable did not understand this either.  I did some more testing.  You can use a snippet from Formidable to change the password requirements for a password field, but that does not change the password requirements (let alone the hint) when you use the password reset form.   I don't think 8 characters is secure, so if I really care about that, I'm going to need to dive into how to change Wordpress behavior.   Another unexpected thing I found that if you put in an incorrect username or password, the Formidable login screen is replaced by the Wordpress one.
Jane OnoratiJane Onorati replied 2 years ago

This code changes the password hint:

function replace_wp_password_hint( $hint_text ) {
return "Passwords must be at least 8 characters long and include upper and lower case characters, numbers, and special characters."; }
add_filter( 'password_hint', 'replace_wp_password_hint', 10, 1 );

Michael Liotta answered 2 years ago
Thank you Jane. That did it.

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