Change slider range dynamically based on other slider value

By: Peter Schaffer | Asked: 05/28/2023
ForumsCategory: How-toChange slider range dynamically based on other slider value
Peter Schaffer asked 11 months ago
Hi! I'm a little confused and also new to this great and complex plugin. I can't figure this out... So, I have one slider, the user selects one value and based on this value the user can select a second value but the second sliders values (range) has to start from the value the user selected on the first slider. What is the most simple way or method or entity type which will allow me to do this? How to do that? Thank you very much!
2 Answers
Victor Font answered 11 months ago
You need to do this in jQuery for live interaction. I'm not sure I can explain. It's a little complicated if you don't know how to write jQuery. This may help:
Peter Schaffer answered 11 months ago

Is there a dedicated place inside the plugin where I can input JS/jQuery for the form? I'm now a litte bit shocked that this is not natively supported to be honest.

Victor Font replied 11 months ago

JQuery goes either in the before fields or after fields area on the form’s customize html page.

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