Checkbox values not showing up in PDF

By: Jovan Dokic | Asked: 03/24/2024
ForumsCategory: How-toCheckbox values not showing up in PDF
Jovan Dokic asked 3 weeks ago
Good day to all. When I insert the Checkbox field in my form, and use the "Add Other" option (where the checkbox itself has a title and then there is an empty field for a user to insert an answer), those checkboxes are not showing up in the PDF that is received. This means that if the form has a "question" (as the checkbox 'title') and an "answer" (the text that a user inputs into the field below said checkbox), the PDF form will only show the "answer" and not the "question". Please see the attached screenshot, where the image on the left is from the PDF and the image on the right is the form. I'm not sure if this has something to do with the "separate values" option, and if so, I do not know how to change this to make everything visible in the PDF. Also, is there any way to edit the format and layout of the default PDF's that are generated Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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