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By: Jan Theofel | Asked: 03/01/2023
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Jan Theofel asked 1 year ago
Hello, I have a list of events in a form. In my view of them I want display them like this:
March 2023 Event 1 Event 2 April 2023 Event 1 May 2023 Event 1 Event 2 Event 3 Juni 2023 ...
In other words:
Every first entry of a new month needs to add a subheading first.

Possible solutions I can think of:
- The most simple solution would be to compare values between the entries. But I don't think something like this does exists in Formidable Forms.
- The subheading could be inserted for every value and some Javascript could be used to hide the ones we don't need.
- I could use some Shortcode which takes the month as a parameter and it returns the subheading only when the values changes.

Do you see other solutions?
Or do you have any comments on my ideas?

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