Conditional logic on field based on responses in previous repeater field?

By: Chris Andrews | Asked: 01/10/2024
ForumsCategory: How-toConditional logic on field based on responses in previous repeater field?
Chris Andrews asked 5 months ago

Hi all, 

I have a repeater field that asks for information regarding healthcare offices: name, location, etc. 

For some users, there will be multiple offices, which is why that's a repeater field.

Below the repeater, I have a second repeater field that asks if they want to list practitioners (this needs to be separate section in the form, not part of the first repeater field).

IF the first repeater has been triggered and multiple offices listed, I want a field to be displayed in the second repeater field asking which office the practitioner is with. Either a text box, or better yet, a menu list displaying the different locations that were entered in the first repeater - that would be cool. 

However, I don't seem to have conditional logic options available based on results from the first repeater field in the second repeater field. 

Is there a way to use conditional logic for what I'm trying to do? 



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