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By: Dominic Potts | Asked: 01/10/2024
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Dominic PottsDominic Potts asked 5 months ago
Hi, I've googled and searched and found a possible solution, but I thought I'd see if the experts here already solved this challenge.
  1. A customer completes a form and makes a payment.
  2. On their confirmation email (or attached PDF), I'd like to include a generated barcode.
I've found this plugin and I'm going to play around with it, but any help would be appreciated.   Many thanks Dominic
Victor Font replied 5 months ago

What do you want the barcode to do?

Dominic PottsDominic Potts replied 5 months ago

Hi Victor,

So, the person would take the form with them to their appointment and then be scanned at their appointment.


Victor Font replied 4 months ago

Where are the appointments? Are they at the same location where the appointments are booked or are they at distributed locations, such as when one buys a ticket for an event and they scan the barcode at the entry?

The reason I ask is because when checking for an appointment, the barcode reader needs to access the system where the barcode was created to validate the appointment unless you've communicated the appointment with the check in system in advance.

What's your business process for validating the barcode when scanned at the appointment venue? What are you planning?

Dominic PottsDominic Potts replied 4 months ago


I think I should have added more detail to my quesiton. The barcode is used for tracking blood test samples. Unfortunately, the client's requirements are a little "bare"

The customer arrives at their appointment. The barcode is scanned and that barcode is added to the blood testing system (separate to the booking solution) and used to track the customer's blood tests.



1 Answers
Luke M answered 4 months ago
What device you use to scan the code and what kind of info should be included in the code ?
Dominic PottsDominic Potts replied 4 months ago

It's more for tracking than storing information

Luke M replied 4 months ago

Is blood testing system also formidable based solution or separate environment ? Provide more details if possible.

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