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By: Michael Tidbury | Asked: 03/26/2024
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Michael Tidbury asked 4 weeks ago
I have an application which is quite complex. I have been asked to document the application. At the moment all documentation is in a Word document and whilst detailed it is almost impossible to maintain. I need produce a Data Dictionary of Forms and Fields, ideally with field types which can be generated automatically. If I can also include reference to the field use in Views that would help a lot. A Data Model in which I can graphically display Forms and relationships would be ideal. Has anyone developed something or seen a compatible product? All the best, Michael.
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Victor Font answered 4 weeks ago
This is a timely question. I've just been engaged to work on a project where I have to create that exact tool. I am extending the shortcode I have for sale on Formidable Masterminds that allows you to rename field keys in bulk for software portability and enterprise documentation. I'm going to work on that tool later this week. I'll let you know when the development and it's up on Masterminds.
Michael Tidbury replied 4 weeks ago

Gosh, Victor, that is indeed timely. I look forward to seeing your updates on progress. It could be a very popular product. Many thanks.

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