Creating a Form with a Dropdown of Companies and Addresses in Formidable Forms

By: Miguel Guzman | Asked: 08/17/2023
ForumsCategory: How-toCreating a Form with a Dropdown of Companies and Addresses in Formidable Forms
Miguel Guzman asked 8 months ago

Hello, I'm working on a form in Formidable Forms where users can select a company from a dropdown list. If the company they're looking for doesn't exist, they can select "Add New" from the dropdown, which triggers a conditional section where they can enter the company's name and address into separate text fields. I've got this part working. However, I'm facing an issue because a company can have multiple addresses. I'm considering two possible solutions, and I'd appreciate any advice on which one would be easier to implement or if there's a better approach:

  1. Combine Company Name and Address in Dropdown: I'd like to combine the "Company Name" and "Company Address" entries in the dropdown options, so they appear as: [Company Name] - [Company Address] however, I'm not sure how to do this using the form builder. I'm using the Lookup field 
  2. Filter Addresses by Company: I'd like the dropdown to show a list of companies. When a user selects a company, such as "Target", it should display only the addresses associated with that company. I've got this partially working, but currently, the address dropdown shows all addresses from all companies. I need to filter it by the selected company.

I'm new to Formidable Forms and just bought the Elite plan today. I've spent over 5 hours trying to make this work, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

1 Answers
Victor Font answered 8 months ago
This is how you display 2 fields in a single dropdown: Your second question about filtering addresses assumes two fields, though. A single concatenated field won' work for cascading dropdowns, which is what you need to use to filter the addresses when a user selects "Target".
Victor Font replied 8 months ago

FYI, this forum is a community of volunteers. Those of us that answer questions regularly have no affiliation with Strategy 11. Your license level is irrelevant.

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