Creating a Monthly Hour Report Form in Formidable Forms

By: Luis Martín | Asked: 05/21/2024
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Luis Martín asked 4 weeks ago
Hello and thanks in advance for your help. We use Formidable Forms to keep track of all our employees' daily worked hours. They use a form that calculates the total hours worked and sends it to Google Sheets. Even though we can easily achieve this by working directly with Google Sheets, we wonder if it would be feasible and what the best approach would be to create another form (could be called "Create monthly hour report") that:
  • Gets the data from the original form (name, date, total hours)
  • Sums all the total hours in a specific date range.
It seems complicated, but Formidable Forms has surprised us many times :)
3 Answers
Rob LeVineRob LeVine answered 4 weeks ago
Do you want a form or a view, i.e., is this data going to be viewed or edited? A view would easily accomplish displaying the data.
Luis Martín answered 4 weeks ago
Thanks for your response, Rob. We don't need to edit the data, as all the data comes from the original form. We can work with a view, is there any tutorial that we can check to achieve this?
Rob LeVineRob LeVine replied 4 weeks ago

I suggest starting with: and working your way to if needed. The key is setting up filters to limit your data to what you want to see and then inside the view you can put any HTML you want to display the data, including using some of the stock layouts, e.g., grid.

Luis Martín answered 3 weeks ago
Thanks for your help, Rob! However, I will take my question to the paid services category, as the tutorials don't explain how to sum values from a specific data range and display the result in a view.

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