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By: Mo Adam | Asked: 12/20/2022
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Mo Adam asked 1 year ago
I wan to show a graph for current year records, so using below short code how to to adjust it to current year.

[frm-graph fields="x" y_less_than="2016-01-01"]
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Bobby Clapp answered 1 year ago

Presuming you want within the year use both parameters in the shortcode as follows:

[frm-graph fields="x" created_at_greater_than="Y-m-d" created_at_less_than="Y-m-d"]

It has to be Y-m-d format. So maybe:

[frm-graph fields="x" created_at_greater_than="2022-01-01" created_at_less_than="2022-12-31"] for 2022

Mo Adam replied 1 year ago

Thanks @Bobby, But this will require a change on yearly basis. I was looking for a code like (Current Year) or "Year" So it will change natively without interaction from my side

Bobby Clapp replied 1 year ago

Try this:

[frm-graph fields="x" created_at_greater_than="[date format='Y']-01-01" created_at_less_than="[date format='Y']-12-31"]

This would pull the current year if the last option shown here also works with the graph code:

Mo Adam replied 1 year ago

It doesn't work from my side. They recognize the [ .. ] as faulty shortcode

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