Cursor field and number field in same field

By: Saad Bentahar | Asked: 09/05/2023
ForumsCategory: How-toCursor field and number field in same field
Saad BentaharSaad Bentahar asked 7 months ago
Hello ! I would like to put a field to write an amount and offer the option to insert the amount with a cursor too for the same field. How can I do ? thanks. This is the link of my form :   And this is what i wanna apply :    
1 Answers
Victor Font answered 7 months ago
You can do this with a text and slider field, but it requires custom jQuery to link to two fields and keep them in sync.
Saad BentaharSaad Bentahar replied 7 months ago

Thank you Victor, do you know which custom jQuery should i add please ? 🙏

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