Default a field's value to the value of another field on same form in Formidable Pro

By: Bob Landolfi | Asked: 08/01/2023
ForumsCategory: How-toDefault a field's value to the value of another field on same form in Formidable Pro
Bob Landolfi asked 9 months ago

According to documentation here: If I am reading this documentation correctly, I should be able to have Field B on a form set to the value of previously entered field A on that same form by setting the default value of B as follows: [frm-field-value field_id=A user_id=current] But this is not working for me. Any ideas?

EDIT: It appears the issue may be that the above refers to a field that is an entry (i.e., already submitted and saved). To clarify, what I'm trying to do is have Field A determine the value of Field B before the form is submitted.

1 Answers
Victor Font answered 9 months ago
Set the default value of field B to field A. All you need to do is place Field A's shortcode ID or Key in the default value field for field B.
Bob Landolfi replied 9 months ago

Thanks very much! I figured this out, but a couple quirks I noticed, and it could be that I am way overloading this particular form with dynamic fields and fields that appear conditionally:

1. I had to use a page break between Field A and B to get the fieldID shortcodes to work (fields were of type name and phone number in both cases).
2. The shortcode did not work at all for me if fields A and B were both email addresses. I worked around it by making the Field B email address a text field, then it worked.

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