Default Date to Today + 30 Days

By: Margaret Blauvelt | Asked: 09/03/2022
ForumsCategory: How-toDefault Date to Today + 30 Days
Margaret Blauvelt asked 2 years ago
I could not find an option in the extension, Datepicker Options for Forms, to add to today's date for the default date. I don't want to restrict the minimum or maximum dates, but instead simply want make the default 30 days after either today's date or the date of the previous date field (which itself defaults to today's date).  I tried making sense of the frm_date_field_js php hook but my eyes were glazing over. Anybody know how to do this with either Datepicker or PHP code? Thanks!
1 Answers
Margaret Blauvelt answered 2 years ago
I found it. [date offset='+29 days'] gave me 30 days from today. (Not sure why +30 days gave me 31 days; maybe a time zone issue, since it's now tomorrow at GMT? I'll check it again earlier in the day tomorrow.) Anyway, the page I found it on is: 

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