Display count of specific drop-down selection

By: Hordur Sigurdarson | Asked: 04/04/2024
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Hordur Sigurdarson asked 2 months ago
I have a view where I would like to display the number of entries, that have selected a particular option in a drop-down selection field. I have searched documentation without success. I can use [frm-stats id=x type=count] to display the total number of entries but that's as far as I got. Any help much appreciated. 
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Victor Font answered 2 months ago
You need to write custom PHP code to accomplish your goal. How you do it depends on where you want the count to appear. Here's one suggestion that may get you started down the right path. It's not complete solution, but if you know PHP, it should help as a starting point. https://formidableforms.com/knowledgebase/php-examples/#kb-shortcodes

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