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By: Erik Tremain | Asked: 11/10/2023
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Erik Tremain asked 5 months ago
I would like to show the user the form data they submitted in the confirmation message. This gives them an opportunity to look at their information in a consolidated, fixed format. What is the best way to accomplish this?
3 Answers
Rob LeVineRob LeVine answered 5 months ago
The default behavior of email notifications is to send all the submitted data. You just have to tell it which user(s) to send it to. You can customize the email notification anyway you want.
Erik Tremain answered 5 months ago
Thank you for the info. I would like to display the form data in the confirmation 'splash screen' after they submit.  Email notifications work great, with '[default-message]' and combine IDs & text to create messages. I thought to create a view, but the data is blank.
Rob LeVineRob LeVine replied 5 months ago

I just tried the same thing and it correctly displays the data in the view. If you put just the view shortcode on a page and display it, do you see any data?

Victor Font replied 5 months ago

There's a couple of things I recommend trying. When you display a view with no filters, it will display all records, not just what you want to send inan email confirmation. The view should be filtered on entry id so only the single record will display in the email. You should also be using the filter="limited' clause in the shortcode. I suggest you construct your shortcode like this:

[display-frm-data id=346 filter=limited entry_id=[id]]

Also make sure, you have the filter set for entry_id = [get param="entry_id"] in the view.

Erik Tremain answered 5 months ago
Thank you for the info. Very helpful and the filters were essential.  The view would display the previous data submitted without the filters. To confirm, I have (2) filter entries? See attached, Coupled with the filter='limited', the intended data is displayed. I believe this thread has been answered.

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