Display PDF Embed Shortcode or Link uploaded in one form in another, dynamically

By: Chris Stewart | Asked: 05/09/2022
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Chris StewartChris Stewart asked 2 years ago

I want to have a PDF uploaded in Form1, displayed as an active Link in View1, and then Embedded as a viewable PDF in Form2 (or at least a clickable link). 
I have successfully set up Form1, View1 with working Link, and passing entry ID via url/button on View1 to enable Dynamic fields to populate on Form2. Multiple Dynamic Fields are populating ok into Form2, including displaying an uploaded image and text input fields from Form1. 
What I can not figure out is how to get a LINK or ideally an Embedded PDF view (eg via shortcode from third party plugin like https://en-au.wordpress.org/plugins/wonderplugin-pdf-embed/) to be Dynamically Displayed in Form2. 
Has anyone ever done something like this? Or got any ideas on how to go about it? I'm stumped! 








2 Answers
Victor Font answered 2 years ago

Place the embed shortcode in a HTML field.

Chris StewartChris Stewart replied 2 years ago

Hi VIctor, thanks for engaging.

I did try that... including a manual review/edit of FORM 1 so the Uploaded PDF file could have its formidable url (and alternatively a WP Media PDF re-uploaded url) placed in a PDF Embed Shortcode.

BUT How to CALL and DISPLAY the html field like a DYNAMIC field in a totally seperate form, Form2? Maybe I'm missing something basic here, but I can't see how to do that part...?

Victor Font answered 2 years ago

You're losing me with what you mean by dynamic field in this context. A dynamic field displays entries available in a lookup table and stores the entry id(s) for lookup table's record(s).

HTML fields display anything you want. What are you actually trying to accomplish?

Chris StewartChris Stewart replied 2 years ago

Hey Victor - yes, it is complex 🙂

I have TWO forms. In FORM ONE, a user is uploading a PDF and other information. Creating an "offer" (think a job offer, or investment offer).

This form is then displayed in a Listings Table + Detailed view. In the Detailed View the PDF is easily displayed as a clickable link (in this format: [115 add_link=1 show_filename=1 new_tab=1] )

A different user then views the entry in the Listings Table + Detailed view. If they like the "offer"; and want to apply to for it, they click a button in the Detailed View (the link has the format of domainname.com/new-page-to-form-two/?offer=[id] ). This link takes them to a new page where FROM TWO is embedded.

The [id] in the link connects the View's entry number un FORM ONE to the DYNAMIC fields in FORM TWO.

In FORM TWO there is a DYNAMIC FIELD with Disaply Type=Dropdown that selects a unique identifier from FORM ONE. This field is hidden. Multiple other DYNAMIC FIELDS with Display Type=LIST are used to show details about the "offer" that were input in FORM ONE.

I need to add one more field from FORM ONE to FORM TWO. A PDF. If I can get it to show as a Link, that's ok. But I'd really like to show it as an Embedded PDF.

FORM TWO already has a fixed PDF for this form that uses a shortcode in a HTML field to embed the terms and conditions PDF. This works great. Now I need to figure out how to DYNAMICALLY get the actual PDF uploaded in FORM ONE to be visually displayed via shortcode in FORM TWO... so that the user submitting form two can review the PDF and confirm they've read the "offer" details as part of the process of completing their application for the offer, and submitting FORM TWO.

Hopefully this is more detailed yet clearer? Any suggestions you or anyone has would be greatly appreciated.

Bobby Clapp replied 2 years ago

Shortcodes are dynamic in nature in that they pull in a dynamic variable unless you specifically make it static. If you plug in a link like https://myurl.com/%5Bshortcode for dynamic pdf link name] or simply [shortcode for dynamic pdf link that includes the domain and all], is that not working?

In your example this might be: [wonderplugin_pdf src=”[formidable shortcode here]” width=”100%” height=”600px” style=”border:0;”]

Chris StewartChris Stewart replied 2 years ago

<p>Hey Bobby. Thanks for engaging.</p><p>I did get an image link to cleanly be displayed in one html field and then was able to pass that into another where I wrapped it in am image, making the image clickable.</p><p>However, I tried dozens of variations of the formidable shortcode included inside the pdf embed shortcode, even with the daisy chain of html fields approach, and couldn't get any to work.</p><p>After Formdiable Forms tech support confirmed it wouldn't be possible, I ended up paying someone to create a custom code snippet that would work.</p>

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