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By: Nic Windley | Asked: 08/16/2022
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Nic Windley asked 2 years ago

Hello again community.
I was hoping to be able to make use of the Radio/Checkbox image functionality in FF with WooCommerce.
The Product Pricing Fields do allow Radio/Checkbox fields, however, it does not seem to support images as is.
The standard FF Radio/Checkbox fields do support images, however, I'm not sure how to pass these field values to the total price.
Could somebody provide some pointers on how I would achieve the display of images as Radio/Checkbox fields in FF that would allows me to visually configure a product and its price accordingly.
Many thanks.

Bobby Clapp replied 2 years ago

If it doesn't work with what is shown here, I don't have an example, but thought I'd share the original reference in case you didn't look it over.


Nic Windley replied 2 years ago

I've tried using the additional calculations but for some reason they don't update the price Bobby? I created a visible total field which adds the values of additional options when selected, however it's never added to the WooCommerce Total Price shown.

Nic Windley replied 2 years ago

This requires some code to improve the integration with woo which I've now resolved.

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