Displaying separate value without submission.

By: Jiyoung Joung | Asked: 02/14/2023
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Jiyoung Joung asked 1 year ago

Hi, I will ask something. I want to display separate values of the field in one form without submission.

Like this:


Choose Country: [          Foo         v ]

Result: Bar


How can I?

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Victor Font answered 1 year ago

Yes, you can do this. Here's an example that allows you to pick a country from a dropdown and display that country's flag. Your process is similar to this except you sow the separate value from the dropdown. https://formidable-masterminds.com/developers-directory/

Jiyoung Joung replied 1 year ago

1. It seems that you use jquery for displaying, isn't it?
2. I did this by jquery, but one thing is distracting me. How can I remove submit button, not just hide?

Victor Font replied 1 year ago

1. Correct. I'm using Ajax, but if you have separate values in the dropdown, you just need the jQuery. The Ajax isn't necessary.

2. You can't remove a submit button. You can only hide and/or disable it through Formidable. Of course, with jQuery you can change the structure of the Document Object Model (DOM) and delete the button from the page when it loads. You may also want to look at prevent default which will stop a submit event.

Jiyoung Joung replied 1 year ago

There's no solution without js code snippets, regretfully. Thx.

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