Double Condition Value sent via API

By: Rudy Molinillo | Asked: 07/08/2022
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Rudy MolinilloRudy Molinillo asked 2 years ago
Hello, I am sending the values from my form via API.  Depending on user path inside the form, some field will be asked, some will not.  For the fields that are not asked, I would like to send a default value. I have tried to use the conditional logic (in value), but when the field is not filled by the user, It still sends an empty value.  Exemple : [if 230 equals="Complet"][47 show="value"][/if 230][if 230 equals="Simple"]15[/if 230] I think the second condition is not working because the first one is false.  Any idea ? :think:  Thanks
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Bobby Clapp answered 2 years ago
Try adding the 15 into an else statement. [if x equals="something"]Add content here [else]Show this content instead.[/if x]
Rudy MolinilloRudy Molinillo replied 2 years ago

It works perfectly, thank you !

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