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By: Chris Titus | Asked: 02/04/2023
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Chris Titus asked 1 year ago

Is it possible to modify a dropdown menu in a submit form so it automatically submits the name when a dropdown item is selected ... and the Submit button doesn't need to be clicked?   Thank, Chris

1 Answers
Victor Font answered 1 year ago

Submit just the name field? If that the only field on the form or are their other fields and you want to automate a full form submit? You can programmatically trigger a submit using jQuery. I would bind the submit to the change event for the dropdown field. See this: https://www.w3schools.com/jquery/event_submit.asp

Chris Titus replied 1 year ago

Sorry, I'm not sure I described it correctly or with enough detail. I have a search form. In the search form is a dropdown menu w/ client names and a submit button. I'd like to remove the submit button and have the search execute when I select a client's name.

Victor Font replied 1 year ago

Yes, I understand exactly what you want to do. The guidance I gave you applies. You have to write custom jQuery to monitor the change event of the dropdown. When a name is selected, use the jQuery to trigger form.submit(). You can hide the submit button with CSS.

Chris Titus replied 1 year ago

I see. Thank you!

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