Dual forms batch importation

By: Sam Rossetti | Asked: 06/12/2023
ForumsCategory: How-toDual forms batch importation
Sam RossettiSam Rossetti asked 10 months ago
Hello everyone, i am looking for suggestions about the following situation : we have a form that contains an embedded form with common fields (first and last names, address, etc.) and then a couple of different fields (no repeater). When i try importing data from a csv file i can only import data into the embedded form, an error is returned every time i try (with full or partial data) to import anything into the other form. Maybe i should try through PHP insertion… if so, how ? What do you think about it ? Thanks for your help
1 Answers
Sam RossettiSam Rossetti answered 10 months ago
I have found a solution :   - export as XML both forms data - use this XML as a template to create another XML file containing all the data to be imported. Theres is quite a lot of consistency checking to do : data coherence is obviously very important, the <parent_item_id> node defines the relationship between the forms data, but no rocket science. A simple PHP or Python script will transform CSV into the required XML file rapidly. - import the resulting file into formidable form   Note that you cannot to this with CSV - that’s the first option i tried but to no avail  

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