Eliminate Duplicate Values In A View

By: Michael Clark | Asked: 06/10/2022
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Michael ClarkMichael Clark asked 2 years ago
I have a view that contains entries from two years and the entries may have the same value in one field: email address. I need to only return unique email addresses. How can I filter so that I get *all* entries (not just newest or oldest) from both years, with no duplicate email addresses?
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Bobby Clapp answered 2 years ago
My educated guess is that you need to work with these: Where filter = https://formidableforms.com/knowledgebase/frm_where_filter/#kb-add-two-filters-combined-with-or SQL Distinct = https://www.w3schools.com/sql/sql_distinct.asp
Michael ClarkMichael Clark replied 2 years ago

Thank you, Bobby. There's almost *always* a code snippet!

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