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By: Wai Man Wong | Asked: 04/19/2023
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Wai Man WongWai Man Wong asked 12 months ago I'm trying to implement the solution from the link above. I got this to work on a staging server but now I can't get it to work on a production server. A user shouldn't be able to see form B before verifying their email. But form B is displaying all the time. The link is on this page: Clicking the button should bring you to the email verification form but it brings you directly to the membership form.
4 Answers
Bobby Clapp answered 12 months ago

Please share a screenshot and the shortcode values of your filters for the view of form A that hides form B.

Victor Font replied 12 months ago

Also, I checked your page, there's no view on that form's page.

Wai Man WongWai Man Wong answered 11 months ago
I appreciate the response. [get param=pass_entry default=1] [get param=email default=1] Here's a link to a development server where it is working:
Bobby Clapp replied 11 months ago

We need a screenshot of your view settings similar to what is shown in step two of the link you shared in the opening post.

Wai Man WongWai Man Wong answered 11 months ago
I sent the wrong screenshot. Here's the correct screenshot. Thanks.
Bobby Clapp answered 11 months ago
To be clear, you have the form shortcode inside a view and then this views shortcode is what is being used on the page where the form should show, correct? Maybe try default=none Do you have the latest updates and what version of PHP are you running. Look at your staging site and then the newly published site pretty closely.
Wai Man WongWai Man Wong replied 11 months ago

Thank you. I was able to get this working. The wrong form was being called on the page. Please close this ticket. Thanks again!

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