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By: lauren scott | Asked: 06/06/2023
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lauren scott asked 10 months ago

Is there a method to access or update the parent id of an entry  from an embed form?  I am trying to access and change the parent id on an embed form entry.    I have embedded form B into form A, and it is slick.  However when I submit the form, it automatically assigns the parent id.   However If I use the same form stand alone, I get no parent id, and the field is empty. So here is what I am trying to do.  I want to use Form B, embedded into form A, and add an entry , assign a parent id, and so on.   But  am trying to use  a link to update an entry where I want to delete the parent id, but keep the entry, so that way I can go back to it (or them) as old entries, using the user id.   that way I have a history of the embed for entries all linked by user id.  So I no longer need, or want the parent id when I submit a new embed form entry.  However I cannot find a way to update the parent id field directly while leaving the balance of the entry entact.   Any thoughts ??   thanks

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Rob LeVineRob LeVine answered 10 months ago
Can you use frm_after_update_entry? During the process of deleting, you use the built-in update process and, in the hook, you clear the parent id and do whatever else you need.
lauren scott answered 10 months ago
Thanks for the suggestion.  I can't seem to get that to work for me though.   I am just trying to get a quick update of the Entries parent_Id. I tried to write a function to do just that, and it works, but an unfortunate side effect is that it also sets the form_id to 0 and I lose the entire entry.  I had to go into the database and manually put the form_id back and now the entry is back.   Not sure why this would happen, perhaps I forgot something in the code.  anyway thanks for the assistance.    

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