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By: Kevin Fisher | Asked: 11/27/2022
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Kevin Fisher asked 1 year ago
I'm new to Formidable and I'm new to creating an events calendar, and there are so many options my head is spinning. I'm using Sugar Calendar after having tried The Events Calendar, which didn't work for me.  I want to know if I can create the following using one of the pro upgrades.
  1. Create a list of Organizers that someone making a front-end submission can choose from
  2. Create a list of Venues that someone making a front-end submission can choose from
  3. Require login to create new front-end event
  4. For venues, I need to use the google maps Plus codes, we don't have street addresses in Panama, can this functionality be included in a Create Event form for venues? I have my map API.
Thanks, Kevin

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