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By: Carrol Fleming | Asked: 09/29/2022
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Carrol Fleming asked 2 years ago
My problem - I export a long and complex form to CSV and all the numbers get the 2.61E+11 problem, is there any way to add a ' to any number to stop that - the numbers are phone numbers or reference numbers so don't need to be used in calculations.

I have been working on a complex membership site for ages and my brain is tired of trying to work everything out.
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Bobby Clapp answered 2 years ago
I feel like that is something excel is doing visually when it brings in data with small columns. Your numbers should be there correctly. If you double-click the column head between that column and the next (the line in the middle between two columns) that should expand the column to meet the length of the phone number. Let us know if that doesn't get what you are expecting to see.
Carrol Fleming replied 2 years ago

Sadly, even with widening the column it keeps the 2.61E+11, if I format the cell to a number and then drop the decimal places the number is correct but that is cumbersome to do with 5 columns of phone numbers spread out over the worksheet which will be exported regularly. And someone less tech savvy using the exported Excel sheet.

I think I have found a workaround, I have added a dropdown for the country code and a field for the phone number, I then combine both fields in a read-only text field and export it that way. The person entering their phone number only has to select country code (default to home country) and enter the phone number.

Bobby Clapp replied 2 years ago

Nice workaround!

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