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By: Jay Ofori-Anum | Asked: 12/21/2022
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Jay Ofori-Anum asked 1 year ago

Hi I am trying to test if 'ID' has a specific value in a Shortocde inside a View?

Anyone know how to filter a shortcode by ID?

(I want to test using FRM-CONDITON and [IF] statements)

[frm-condition source=frm-field-value field_id=id ] ID:[id] [/frm-condition]

[frm-condition source=frm-field-value field_id=[id] ] ID:[id] [/frm-condition]

[if id show=value equals=1] captured [id] [/if id]

[if [id]  equals=1] captured [id] [/if id]  

Any Ideas?

Kindest regards


Bobby Clapp replied 1 year ago

The first iteration of each of these codes would not work. "id" alone means nothing to the shortcode they are within. [id] gets the dynamic id for the entry. The second iterations should be working, presuming the second shortcode has an entry with a value of 1.

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