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By: Pietro Vassallo | Asked: 03/09/2023
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Pietro Vassallo asked 1 year ago

Hello, I am using formresults table to display entries submitted by remote users on my website. I want to google format my formresults table (google=1 in shortcode) to enable scrolling across the table to see all results. Without google formatting the table is much messier. However with this enabled, after a few submission the table disappears on the page view and leaves a blank space.  My shortcode is: [formresults id=55 fields="id,542,543,550,546,552,551,553,554,555,556,557,558,545,547" google=1] Please does someone know how I can stop this formresults table from disappearing? Thank you.

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Victor Font answered 1 year ago
formresults is the most basic method for displaying entries. Have you tried using a view?
Pietro Vassallo replied 1 year ago

I have but with a view the WordPress page didn’t allow me to scroll horizontally, so the only way to view the entire length of the table was by zooming out on the web browser. Any suggestions how to fix that? I agree it all looked nicer on a View. The google formatted formresults table does allow you to scroll across horizontally.

Victor Font replied 1 year ago

You could use jQuery Datatables with views to create a variety of tables and features including the horizontal scroll. You could also wrap you content in div and enable scrolling through CSS. There are many ways to do what you want without using frm_results.

Pietro Vassallo replied 1 year ago

Interesting. I’m still new to FF and WordPress so this is very useful. Is Jquery datatables free or a paid plugin? Does it update live with new entry submissions via forms from front-end users?

Bear with my ignorance, but what does wrapping content in div mean and how do you enable scrolling via CSS? Not used CSS before.

Thank you for your help.

Victor Font replied 1 year ago

It sounds like you need to learn about web basics like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript before you can even jump into jQuery Datatables.

A div is a standard HTML element. I'm not even sure how you can have a website and not even be at least a little familiar with CSS. If you don't know what a div is, you may need to get a developer to help you setup jQuery Datatables. To use this jQuery library, which is free, you need to know how to write and test JavaScript/jQuery.

Please search our Formidable Developers Directory at I'm sure you can find someone that can help you within your budget.

Victor Font replied 1 year ago

While you're visit the Formidable Masterminds site, please take a look at the Codex. The data is displayed with Formidable Views formatted with jQuery Datatables. The download and print buttons are part of jQuery Datatables.

Pietro Vassallo replied 1 year ago

Fair enough, thank you for your input. I haven't developed the website, I am adding some forms and tables as part of a project. I'm actually a medical doctor trying to figure this out, hence why web development is really not my area of expertise. I don't think I have time to learn about all the above and was hoping for an easier solution to the lack of horizontal scroll issue. I may just accept a table that requires zoom out in the web browser. I don't think we have budget to hire someone to help, but will consider.

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