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By: Terrence Lovett | Asked: 10/19/2023
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Terrence Lovett asked 6 months ago
Well, as I am not a professional web designer I think I may have made a mistake.  This is the 2nd time so I am frustrated.  This is my goal:  to have a business build a profile that others can see and then interact with... I thought I could do that by building forms which once they were submitted would turn into profiles.  The Profiles are essential Posts which allow anyone on the website who is logged in with an account to see the posts.  HOWEVER....It seems the creation of a form and the creation of a post are 2 different things. Should I have built a bunch of "Post Templates"?  Isn't that what a form is?  How do I reach my goal using Formidable forms, because I thought I was on the right track after viewing videos on the tutorials and reading through them, and now I am not so sure anymore. Can I build forms which turn into posts which are interactive for others viewing the post in Formidable Forms?
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Michael ClarkMichael Clark answered 6 months ago

You most certainly can create forms that let you to make custom entries, posts, pages, profiles, and more. If you're in over your head and could use some help, you could post in the Paid Help Wanted forum here or tap into the great talent at Formidable Masterminds (many of whom answer questions here, too!). :) 

Formidable Masterminds


 TIP: The folks at Formidable make a full Business Directory web app that you can easily configure, customize and extend that might save you tons of time. Lots of features, like interactive business listings:

 Potential DIY path forward:

1. Create a form that lets business owners register and create an account

2. Create a form that has all of the fields you want in a business profile

3. Create a form that lets non-business owners register and create an account

4. Create a form that has all the fields you want for a non-business owner's profile

5. Enable front-end editing of form entries, with setting configured for your use cases

6. Create a View for the business profiles - the "posts": one for the business owners to interact with

7. Create a View for the non-business owners to interact with

 For the solution above, you could conceivably use a single view and conditional logic to enable features unique to business owners and non-business owners; if a business owner is logged in, you can have all the fields be inline editable, so they can manage their own listings, for example. If a non-business owner is signed in, you could have it show fields for them, to let them rate businesses and leave testimonials, for instance. So many ways to build great web apps with Formidable!  

Formidable Tutorials and Courses The Formidable tutorial on creating and displaying real estate listings may be a good starting point for building from scratch. Think of the listings as the posts created by business owners.


The Formidable course on creating a Job Board is a deeper dive into a more complex web app. Think of Job Posters as the business, the "jobs" are the posts that people interact with, and the job applicants as the non-business owner people.

   Hope this info gives you good options for getting your thing built! :) 

Michael ClarkMichael Clark replied 6 months ago

Sorry for the wierd formatting. I can't get the answer or comment boxes here to make paragraphs. :/

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