get entry id from url to display-form-data or frm-show-entry

By: Bright Madire | Asked: 07/25/2023
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Bright Madire asked 9 months ago
I have created a page with divi page builder, in that page there's a section where I want to display form entry field using shortcode. when accessing the page I include $_Get param "" I would like to pass entryId from the url to my shortcode to get form entry data. all the options I tried work only if I manually put the entry id not taking from url param. below is what I have tried   Taking direct from form entry: [frm-show-entry id="entryId" include_fields="301"]   Trying to use formidable view: [display-frm-data id=622 entry="entryId"]   Both option doesn't work it display "no entry found"
1 Answers
Rob LeVineRob LeVine answered 9 months ago
Have you tried using [get param="entryId"]? e.g., [display-frm-data id=622 [get param="entryId"]]
Bright Madire replied 9 months ago

Yes it just display a closing bracket ]

Rob LeVineRob LeVine replied 9 months ago

I'm not exactly sure why I suggested that because that won't work for several reasons. If you're trying to show the view in the page and the page has the entryid in the URL, you don't need to add a parameter to it the view's shortcode, you can just have the view get the value from the URL. i.e., your page has [display-frm-data id=622] and then in your view, you use [get param="entryid"] wherever you need to get that value because "get param=" gets the value from the URL parameters.

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