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By: shaun haage | Asked: 10/26/2023
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shaun haage asked 6 months ago


We are attempting to setup a warranty application form that will allow a customer to make an application and sign it. After the customers applications is signed and submitted, a wordpress admin user needs to receive notification that a new application has been sent and complete the application by signing it themselves. Once this is done, the warranty application is deemed completed.

The direction I was considering is having two forms, A customer completes Form 1 and they submit it. WordPress Admin receives notification and opens Form 2 that is pre-populated with Form 1's information, applies his digital signature and the workflow is completed. Is this UX possible using formidable? Are there any examples or documents I can review to assist me.

Thanks so much.

1 Answers
Rob LeVineRob LeVine answered 6 months ago
Are you sure it wouldn't be a lot easier to have one form and have signature fields active/inactive based on role?

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