Get lookup field options from a value selected by the user in a dropdown

By: paulus macaulus | Asked: 01/23/2024
ForumsCategory: How-toGet lookup field options from a value selected by the user in a dropdown
paulus macaulus asked 5 months ago
Hi, I need to allow a user to select a value that will make the 'Get Options' of a lookup field change to the user selection. Example: I am building a site for a modelling agency, and they need to create 'Comp Cards' which, apart from some photos of themselves, they will also enter the Model's Vitals: Height, Weight, Bust, Waist and so on, but there is also Dress Size and Shoe Size. For the Dress and Shoe Size, I have made up a different form for the different sizing styles, ie US, UK, EU, FR IT, KOR, JP, CH, ASIA, INTL, all which have been populated with entries that correlate the dress sizes across the different size types. It's easy to let a user choose from only US dress sizes and display the corresponding size in that size type for all other fields. However, what I need is for the user to be able to select the dress size type they want to use as their "base" size from a dropdown that changes a lookup field 'Get  Options from field' to that dress size type for the user to then select their actual size, in the country/type they selected above. Once they have selected their size, it should display all the corresponding dress sizes for all the other dress size types. I can't find a way to achieve this, is it possible? Paul  
1 Answers
Victor Font answered 5 months ago
I think what you want is cascading fields:

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