Help with more advanced graphing options

By: Peter Code | Asked: 05/29/2023
ForumsCategory: How-toHelp with more advanced graphing options
Peter Code asked 11 months ago
I'd like to find a way to view more useful graphs when viewing the data collected from a Formidable Form. Currently, the reports tab is just displaying all the entries static, and manually creating a shortcode is very limiting in its ability to filter, for example, I can filter by if something is equal or not equal to another question, but if I try to do this more than once it breaks down. I collect demographic data in my surveys and often I would like to filter by more than one demographic at a time when viewing results. I'm not the most advanced user but I can find my way around if someone can guide me in the right direction. I'm wondering if there is a more useful graphing or data viewer tool that can read and display the data after it's been collected in Formidable, that can then let me do more forms of filtering. To be clear, this type of filtering is already standard in most other survey plugins and websites out there, and I may just switch over if I can't find a way to do it with Formidable, but I've already got a whole setup with Formidable so I'd like to find a solution if possible.

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