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By: Richie Trice | Asked: 10/20/2022
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Richie Trice asked 1 year ago
Hello I am curious if this setup is possible with Formidable. I have 3 CPTs that are a Parent(Department), Child(Section) & Grandchild(Classes). I would like to setup a select field for the parent and child and then checkboxes for the grandchild. The 3 CPTs can be update by end users via a custom user dashboard, so I can simply set the data in the form. I would like to be able to select a department and then it will only show sections that being to that department and then once a section is selected only show classes that go with that section. Here is an example of my data structure. Thanks in advance.
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Bobby Clapp answered 1 year ago

My approach:

Form 1: Department text input field
Form 2: Department field (as a lookup), Section text input field
Form 3: Department field (as a lookup), Section field (as a lookup, watching the department field), Classes text input field

Form where this needs to work in:
Add the department field (as a lookup), Section field (as a lookup, watching the department field), Classes field (as a lookup, watching the Section field).

Then you decide if this will be handled on the backend. If yes, each level needs to be filled out connecting it to the previously select data "above" it. If on the front end, the same really. You publish each form and have them fill it out in that order.

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